Black and White Buffalo Check Craft Pumpkin

DIY Buffalo Plaid Painted Pumpkin

I think this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I saw these buffalo check painted pumpkins on Better Homes & Gardens’ Instagram a couple weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since!

They have a really helpful video tutorial up on their website to DIY. I used a small, lightweight papier mache pumpkin ($3 from Joann). It was already white, but it was kind of uneven so I went over the whole thing with white paint before I started.

DIY Buffalo Check Pumpkin

Following the video instructions, I lightly drew horizontal lines, then freehand painted the vertical lines in gray. Next, the horizontal checks are filled in with the same shade of gray. Last, I mixed a little black paint in with the gray and went over the overlapping checks to make the gingham pattern.

I was worried about the lines looking uneven/wavy, but I actually think the imperfect look works for the style of this pumpkin. This is easily my new favorite Halloween decoration and I will definitely be leaving it up through Thanksgiving! For now, it looks really cute with my gray and black kitty pumpkin. 🙂

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Easy & Quick Black Cat Pumpkin Halloween Decor

Easy & Cheap Black Cat Pumpkin Decor

Here is a quick and easy idea for a cute Halloween pumpkin that can be used year after year. As soon as I saw the cute kitty cat pumpkins in this post, I knew I had to make my own!

I love the black and white theme she used, but then I found these gray pumpkins with glittery black stems ($3 at Target) and that’s what I decided to use.

Black Cat Halloween Pumpkin in the Making

Not trusting my drawing skills, I drew the cat outlines in pencil first and found that pencil erases very cleanly from the lightweight styrofoam material. Then I just traced and filled in with a black felt-tip Sharpie, and added whiskers with a smaller Sharpie. All done!

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6 Halloween Kids’ Games Ideas for Your Class Party

Easy Halloween Party Games Ideas for Kids

One of my favorite things about working in a school is the different parties and celebrations throughout the year! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, so I can easily go overboard thinking of fun things to do for a party. Below are some ideas I thought would work especially well in a classroom, but they could really work for any Halloween party.

These are all fairly simple to put together, and can be pulled off on a small budget. If you have more than one adult in the room, it might work best to set a few of them up center-style so they don’t get overcrowded (AKA chaotic!)

  1. Costume contest!

Fun Kids Games for Classroom Halloween Party

Most of the kids are probably wearing their costumes to school anyway. Incorporate small prizes or treats and come up with a bunch of categories to include everyone (ex: most creative, spookiest, funniest, most colorful, etc!)

  1. Ring toss!

Halloween ring toss!

Use a witch hat or a pumpkin with a long stem and glow in the dark necklaces for the rings. Try it with the lights off!

  1. Guessing game!

Candy corn guessing game!

Fill a jar full of candy corn or pom-poms and have the kid’s guess how many are in the jar. Closest guess wins a prize!

  1. Boo Bowling!

Draw spooky ghost faces on clear or white plastic cups. Stack them up into a pyramid and have the kids use a tennis ball (or any small ball) to knock them down.

  1. Witch’s Potion!

Everyone participate in making a witch’s potion. Have available a selection of ingredients, such as water, different  juices, sodas, chocolate syrup and a few odd ingredients like lemon juice, different condiments, soy sauce and anything else weird. (Watch out for any allergies in the class though!)

Each child gets to choose one ingredient to add, either weird or ordinary. Every child has to taste the brew at the end though, so remind them of that when choosing their ingredients!

An adult should add the ingredients so the brew doesn’t get too crazy! I would also start with a base of water to keep the sugar content down.

  1. Touch and Guess!

Halloween Party Games for Kids

Blindfold each child and have them touch a selection of food items. You can either have them guess what “creepy” thing they think it feels like or guess what the item actually is. Make sure to keep the items hidden until blindfolds are on so they don’t know what’s coming! Use edible items and let the kids smell and taste if they can’t figure it out by touching.

Here are some ideas to use:

  • Pumpkin: Guts
  • Grapes: Eyeballs
  • Cooked Spaghetti: Brains
  • Yogurt: Slime
  • Jello: Guts
  • Broken Potato chips: Fingernails
  • Gummy worms: Earth worms
  • Sun Flower Seeds: Witch’s Teeth
  • Raisins: Boogers
  • Pretzel Sticks: Bones
  • Thin Cheese Slices: Pieces of skin
  • Crushed Oreos or Graham Crackers: Dirt

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